About Us

Finland has ambitious clean energy targets, a strategic focus on energy security and high-level technological readiness of the nuclear industry. With these assets Finland aims to be a well-positioned forerunner to benefit from European and global industrial Small Modular Reactor opportunities.

EcoSMR-Hub is a Finnish network of companies, research institutes and public sector actors that facilitates sharing of information, collaboration and joint ventures, and development of a business perspective to promote the utilization of SMR technologies, generating new business opportunities and support the transformation towards climate neutral energy abundance.

EcoSMR-Hub welcomes all new members interested in dialogue, research and development considering business opportunities of SMR technologies in Finland.


EcoSMR-Hub is built by a variety of member companies, research organizations, public sector representatives and expert individuals. The members come from organizations building and operating physical infrastructure, solutions and systems enabling the development of clean energy production with SMRs. We also welcome regulators, civil society, teachers and journalists into EcoSMR-Hub for multidisciplinary discussions about responsible management of SMR infrastructure.


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