Why SMRs

Electricity, heat, synthetic fuels, and marine transportation made with low-emission technologies is a key to a carbon-neutral society.

Stable energy flows from low-emission sources are key to carbon-neutral society

  • Low-emission energy is a key to a carbon-neutral and wealthy society. In the future the demand for clean energy will increase. Rapid rollout of novel nuclear energy solutions can replace fossil fuels and combustion of natural habitats. Produced clean energy can be used for heating, electrification, and hydrogen production in multiple sectors.
  • Emissions of industrial activities can be lowered significantly by replacing combustion technologies with low-emission heat, power and synthetic fuels made with SMRs.
  • The projected advantages of novel nuclear technologies are in passive safety functions, faster deployment times, lower project costs, flexible production and better integration with the new energy systems and markets.
  • Besides the use of SMRs for electricity, heat, steam, hydrogen and potentially ammonia production, small nuclear reactors have been traditionally used for propulsion for heavy marine transportation
  • Scalable deployment of SMRs is a key solution to mitigate climate change and accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels

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