The EcoSMR-hub members want to be in the forefront of the Small Modular Reactor development. Our network consists of partners working together to make SMR technology a reality in Finland. By joining the EcoSMR-hub, you become part of the community of experts, share your knowledge and find potential business opportunities with SMR technology.

Two types of memberships are available depending on your current position in the SMR market. As a full member, you receive all the benefits provided by the network (newsletter, webinars, working groups, ecosystem meetings). In addition, full members have a seat in the steering group which defines the scope and goals of the network. The membership fees are listed below and depend on the turnover of the company.

If your company is already established in the SMR field and could provide valuable services to the EcoSMR-hub, an in-kind membership is a potential option. The in-kind service will be negotiated case-by-case.

Revenue (M€) Free per year (€)
100+ 6000
10 – 99.999 4000
1 – 9.999 2000
0.11 – 09.999 1000
In kind To be agreed case by case

If you wish to join EcoSMR-hub, follow the link to fill out the membership request form.

Privacy policy [PDF]

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