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Finnish Energy Industry Position Paper 2021


EcoSMR Research Publications

EcoSMR Final Report
Investments in Nuclear Heating in Helsinki Metropolitan Area During Volatile Energy Markets (2022)
Prospects of electricity and heat-only SMRs in the Baltic Region(2022)
The H2020 McSAFER Project: Main Goals, Technical Work Program, and Status (2021)
High fidelity and reduced order solutions to an SMR-level progression problem with the Kraken computational framework (2020)
A techno-economic assessment of NuScale and DHR-400 reactors in a district heating and cooling grid (2019)
Off-site radiological consequences from an SMR unit (2018)
District heat with Small Modular Reactors (SMR)(2017)
Multi-physics modelling of small modular reactors with Serpent 2 and thermal hydraulics solvers (2016)
Research report on SASUNE research programme project 3SMR (Small, Safe and Sustainable Modular Reactor) (2016)

EcoSMR Seminar 2022 Presentations


Ville Tulkki, VTT: Licensing and siting of SMRs
Juhani Hyvärinen, LUT: Streamlined licensing process
Paula Keto, VTT (SMRSiMa): GTK study – SMR plant and repository siting
Mikko Ilvonen, VTT: Review of SMR siting and emergency preparedness
Jaakko Leppänen, VTT: Economical risks in licensing and available tools for safety analysis

Heating reactor prospects

Heikki Suikkanen, LUT: Design requirements for a Finnish district heating reactor considering domestic deployment and export potential
AEP group, Aalto University: Carbon footprint of district heating reactors
Tomi J. Lindroos, VTT: Investment analysis in Finnish capital region and in the Baltic region

EcoSMR Company projects

Jaakko Ylätalo, Fortum: Nuclear Heat as a Service – Analysis of business models
Riku Turkia, Refinec: Improving manufacturing capabilities and welding quality in favor of SMRs and related equipment
Juha Poikola, TVO: EcoSMR project implications on TVO’s scope of work
Olli Soppela: Round Table and Interview Key Takeaways
Rebekka Komu, VTT: Load following and transient analysis LDR-50
Merja Airola & Matti Kojo (SMRSiMa): Societal acceptability of SMR plants

dECOmm project results

Markus Airila, VTT: Learnings from FiR1 decommissioning
Tatu Harviainen, VTT: Robot demos in dECOmm project
Daniel Kaartinen, VTT: Future decommissioning market in Europe
Ilkka Karanta, VTT: Risk ontology methods in decommissioning
Jyrki Jauhiainen, Sweco: Sweco company project results
Otso Manninen & Ville Oinonen, Fortum: Fortum company project results


Paula Keto, VTT (SMRSiMa): SMR spent fuel characteristics and waste management
Olli Soppela, VTT: dECOmm main take aways and way forward
Ville Tulkki, VTT: EcoSMR main take aways and way forward

Content from Open Business Day 2022 Presentations -page here

EcoSMR Webinar Presentations

Licensing regulatory policies upgrade in Finland (23.3.2022)
Supply chain for district heating in Finland (2.2.2022)
Investment modelling of district heating in Finland (24.11.2021)
Status of district heating reactor design in Finland (15.6.2021)

Open Business Day 2021

Transition to carbon neutral societies – how to define role of new technologies and innovations? (2021)
UK SMR – Reliable, Affordable, Investable (2021)
Estonian 1GWe SMR deployment: need, challenges & solutions (2021)
Fortum – utility view on SMRs (2021)
Accessing International Markets and Overcoming Local Challenges (2021)
Means over ends or a new atomic age? Political perspective to the future of SMR technology (2021)

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