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Developing the ecosystem of actors

  • Connecting of Finnish experts and combining capabilities with international offering.
  • Connecting the Finnish ecosystem and international actors.
  • Supporting communication and collaboration between business, research and public authorities.

Development of key areas of technology

  • Understanding customer needs.
  • Development of selected areas of expertise: licensing, operation and economy of plant concepts, SMR ecosystem.
  • Focus on the expertise that market will first need.

As a public project funded by Business Finland and implemented by VTT and LUT university EcoSMR acts as a producer and channel of neutral information.

EcoSMR co-innovation project




WP 1: Licensing, regulations and design criteria

WP 2: Heat use of small reactors

WP 3: SMR Case studies

WP 4: Business models for future nuclear energy

WP 5: SMR ecosystems

WP 6: Dissemination and international relations

WP 7: Project coordination and management

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