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EcoSMR vision

The EcoSMR project supports Finnish industry to create an international innovation and business ecosystem that understands customer needs and the potential of Finnish technological know-how in the global energy market. The project analyzes technologies, licensing and business, and supports their development to meet market needs. Networking actors, activating joint innovation activities, and getting to know customers and their real needs are in the focus of the project.

Why SMR is interesting

  • Small modular reactors are an emerging market for both existing players in the nuclear industry and companies offering or needing low-carbon solutions.
  • Small reactors have the potential to provide an alternative to the use of fossil fuels in district heating and in industrial applications. Urban and industrial heat use has significant CO2 reduction potential.
  • As producers of technology and services, Finnish companies have a place in the supply chains of new thermal solutions and the integration of SMR solutions.
  • The first SMR technology experts have potential to get involved in international deployment projects through consulting work and supply chain experience.
  • Licensing and placement of small reactors are the first issues on the market. Finnish actors have the know-how that can be applied to SMR projects.


Finnish ecosystem on small modular reactors, want to join?

EcoSMR and dECOmm Final Seminar (23.11.2022)


Nuclear Energy Ecosystems – Open Business Day 2022

3.-4.5.2022, Helsinki Congress Paasitorni, Finland.
Presentations available in Open Business Day 2022 website

Licensing regulatory policies upgrade in Finland

The event was organized by VTT on 23.3.2022. Presentations available.

Supply chain for district heating in Finland

The webinar was organized by VTT on 2.2.2022. Presentations available.

Investment modelling of district heating in Finland

The webinar was organized by VTT on 24.11.2021. Presentations available.

Status of district heating reactor design in Finland

The webinar was organized by VTT on 15.6.2021. Presentations available.


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