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Finnish ecosystem on small modular reactors



  • Internationally networked Finnish ecosystem dedicated to small modular reactors


  • National and international networking of Finnish SMR actors
  • Promotion of business awareness of Finnish companies in Finland and abroad
  • Initiation of new research and business projects


  • Round table discussions
  • Information sharing


  • No fees

How to join

  • Email Silja Häkkinen Silja.hakkinen(at), EcoSMR project manager

Broader description:

Finnish ecosystem on small modular reactors is a new ecosystem promoted in the EcoSMR project funded by Business Finland, participating companies and VTT. The goal of EcoSMR is to enable Finnish companies to participate in the emerging small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) market. The project will increase knowledge in licensing, siting and safety requirements in SMR concepts, including district heating reactor designs. Promotion of the Finnish ecosystem on small modular reactors is an essential part of fulfilling these goals.

The purpose of the ecosystem is general networking between Finnish and international actors related to SMR technology. The goal is to promote Finnish business around small modular reactors in Finland and abroad.

The activities of the ecosystem consist of round table discussions on topics of interest to the participants. The discussion groups bring together Finnish and foreign companies and other relevant actors to initiate new research and business projects around SMRs.

The founding members of the new ecosystem are the partners of EcoSMR project. New partners to the ecosystem are accepted by the joint decision of the founding members. Generally all interested actors are welcome to join. While EcoSMR project is running (until 31.7.2022), the coordination of the ecosystem is part of EcoSMR work done by VTT and membership is free of charge. After this, the members of the ecosystem will choose the coordinator, decide on possible membership fees and other rules among themselves.

Interested, please email Silja Häkkinen Silja.hakkinen(at)

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