SMR technology ecosystem for district heating deployment in Finland: challenges and opportunities

The webinar is organized by VTT and will be held on 2.2.2022 at 14.00 – 15.00 (UTC+2)

The global energy market is in a state of change due to the need to transfer from carbon-intensive energy sources to low carbon technologies. In Finland, especially the district heating market is seen as a potential field to reduce greenhouse emissions. To introduce new emerging technologies to the energy market, new technology ecosystems and supply chains must be built.

The SMR ecosystem webinar aims to identify challenges and opportunities for the Finnish industry in building ecosystems and supply chains for emerging small modular reactor markets. Special emphasis is given to SMR technology for district heating.

Speakers: Martti Kätkä, Head of Energy Policy at Technology Industries of Finland and Karoliina Salminen, Lead of Smart Manufacturing at VTT.

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Registration closes on 1.2.2022 12.00 (UTC+2).

SAVE THE DATE 3.-4.5.2022, Helsinki area, Finland

Nuclear Energy Ecosystems – Open Business Day 2022

̶   Building nuclear energy future together   ̶

This face-to-face event will bring together companies interested in building nuclear energy business together. We will discuss nuclear energy collaboration, co-innovation and business opportunities in Nordic countries, Europe and beyond. The themes of the event include SMRs, fusion energy and nuclear decommissioning opportunities.

The event is organized by VTT and jointly funded by Business Finland co-innovation projects EcoSMR, dECOmm and ECO-Fusion.

More information to be announced soon.

Open Business Day 2022 website

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